Webcam/Telephone Therapy - A convenient and effective way to work with CBT & Compassion Focused Therapy from your own home or on the go.

How does online therapy work?

Graeme offers CBT and CFT over the internet using GoToMeeting, a program which allows you to communicate via the webcam on your computer, smartphone or tablet completely securely. He has invested in high quality Audio-Visual equipment to give excellent sound and picture quality so as to ensure that sessions come as close as possible the the experience of face-to-face therapy. Group sessions can also be run via webcam.

This can be a really good option for people who are unable to commit to regularly making it to face-to-face appointments as you can literally have a session anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

You will need to download download the GoToMeeting App from your usual app store before hand on your phone or tablet. Computers and laptops will automatically download the app the first time you join a session.

Telephone Therapy

Graeme is also experienced in delivering therapy over the telephone. This creative approach enables people to access therapy without the need to access a computer or WiFi connection and has been shown to be an effective way to deliver treatment.

Think WEBCAM or Telephone Therapy might be helpful?

Get in touch with Graeme to find out more and to arrange a free initial consultation.