Clinical Supervision - Face-to-face or online. Supportive, structured, reflection with an experienced, qualified & Accredited Supervisor.

What can I expect from Clinical Supervision?

Graeme is a BABCP Accredited Clinical Supervisor and has extensive experience in providing both individual and group Clinical Supervision. He receives regular Supervision Consultation from an experienced, Accredited Supervisor.

Graeme has worked with a wide array of qualified and trainee therapists from a range of theoretical backgrounds and clinical settings.  Clinical Supervision is delivered as a structured process, largely modelling the CBT approach and incorporating a range of educational theories and strategies to support supervisees in developing their practice.  Clinical Supervision is the bridge between theory and practice and the mechanism by which therapists accommodate new learning.


Graeme offers Supervision Consultation (Supervision of Supervision) to Supervisors from  a range of theoretical backgrounds. The Consultation process is similar in structure to Supervision, and is a reflective process drawing from Supervision and Educational theory.


Individual Supervision - £50 per hour or £70 for 90 minutes, plus £2 per mile travel.

Group Supervision - £90 per 2 hour session plus £10 per group member, plus £2 per mile travel.

Assessment of Recordings (eg. CTS-R, SAGE) - £75.

Supervisor reports for accreditation gratis as part of on-going Supervision arrangements.

Other reports or assessments charged at a rate of £45 per page.

Payment accepted by BACS or credit/debit card.